Major League Baseball is investigating the Boston Red Sox on claims that they signed ‘package deals’ with player to acquire talent during the international free agent signing period.

The MLB is looking into whether or not the Venezuelan prospects that were signed by Boston were inked to contracts in an effort to circumvent the international signing restrictions imposed on them for 2015.

The Red Sox were only able to offer potential signees $300,000 each in a bonus, after exceeded their allotted money allowances in the previous year.  Boston was still able to sign two top 30 players out of Venezuela in Albert Guaimaro and Simon Muzzotti.  They also signed others from the same programs that both Guaimaro and Muzzotti came from to high bonus figures, which raised eyebrows with MLB officials.

According to the report from Baseball America, MLB officials have questioned players and coaches to see if punishment will be coming to the Red Sox.