The NBA Draft Lottery is coming up tonight and the Boston Celtics will finally know the fate of the selection from the Brooklyn Nets.

The Celtics have a 15.6 percent chance of winning the top overall selection and 15.7 percent of gaining pick number two overall.  Boston cannot pick any lower than six in the first round, with the fifth selection overall having the best odds for the Cs at 26.5 percent.

Boston has never had a top overall selection in any draft of the modern era and only picked number two once since 1980 when the Celtics drafted Len Bias out of Maryland in 1986.  The Cs scored some success at pick three in the past with Kevin McHale in 1980, and also was able to nab Chauncey Billups with that selection in 1997.  Since 1980, Boston has selected at five once when they took Jeff Green in 2007 (eventually traded to the Supersonics for Ray Allen) and have made three picks at number six overall with Antoine Walker (1996), Ron Mercer (1997), and Marcus Smart (2014) all being taken by Boston.

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