Jaclyn Spotts has been in critical care at Boston's Beth Israel Medical Center for two weeks and is not expected to return home.

Facebook - Natalie Spotts Brown

A social media campaign is trying to get this young woman connected to Tom Brady as a special last wish.

Natalie Spotts Brown from Nashua posted a plea to Tom Brady on her Facebook page on Sunday. The post already has over 2,338 shares, almost 2,000 likes and many comments praying to get Tom Brady to Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston to meet Jaclyn Spotts.

The post is accompanied by a photo of Jaclyn holding a sign expressing her wish to see the New England Patriots quarterback.

My 23 year old sister, Jaclyn, has been in the critical care unit at Boston's Beth Israel Medical Center for the past two weeks and will likely not be coming home. Her biggest wish is to meet Tom Brady and we are trying everything we can to reach out to him. Please help us by liking and sharing!!!

Jaclyn went to Hollis-Brookline High School, which is also where I graduated many years ago. Here is to the local community that is giving this a boost, and much love to her family as they go through this difficult time. Let's make this happen!