New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady finally got his day to appeal the four game suspension handed down by the NFL as a result of the deflategate controversy.The hearing which lasted nearly 11 hours had to be moved from the league's conference room where these proceedings usually take place to a larger room on the basement of the their Manhattan building to accommodate the 40 people present for the hearing.

At the end of the day Jeffrey Kessler, the attorney representing Brady and the players union left the NFL offices saying only that Brady made "a compelling case". Thursday was reserved as an extra day to continue the hearing, however ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that both sides concluded their case and would not need the extra day. There is no timetable for the Commissioner Goodell to rule on the appeal but many believe the league would like to see a quick resolution.

Jeffrey Kessler, the attorney for Tom Brady leaves the NFL offices after Tuesday's appeal hearing.
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