The National Football League and the New England Patriots unveiled the new ‘Color Rush’ jerseys for the 2016.  The jersey marks the first new edition of a uniform for the Pats since 2003.

The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets unveiled the variants of the jerseys last season during a Thursday Night Football game in 2015 and the new Pats’ duds will hit the field on September 22nd when the team hosts the Houston Texans.

The NFL said that 100 percent of the proceeds earned by the sale of the jerseys will be donated to fund youth health, safety and wellness programs.  The jerseys did draw some ire a year ago among people who were colorblind because they had a hard time differentiating the team’s jerseys.  The NFL said that one team will wear a white jersey if the colored styles are not contrasting enough for colorblind viewers.

Check out all the team jerseys here and you can purchase a New England Patriots one at their online Team Shop.