Waterville Police have concluded a woman, whose body was found outside on Saturday, died accidentally.

Police say the body of 33-year-old Stacey MacDonald of Clinton was discovered outside a residence at 160 Drummond Avenue just before 1:00 on Saturday. Her body was lying on an outside cement patio behind the house.

Investigators say MacDonald was an associate of the owner of the house who had spent the night, sleeping in a second floor bedroom. It's believed that, at some point overnight, MacDonald became disoriented, either stepping or falling from a second story exterior doorway in the house. The home is under construction and had an exterior door off one of the bedrooms where a future balcony is planned, but has not been built. When MacDonald fell, she struck the cement patio and suffered serious internal and external injuries that led to her death. Police say, at this point, her fall appears to have been accidental.

Deputy Chief of Police Charles Rumsey IV says the investigation is open, and will remain open pending the results of testing being conducted by the Medical Examiner's Office.