It's a busy weekend around Maine, with lots of traffic this weekend. So one police department has issued some reminders about activities going on, and how it's going to affect traffic in the city. There's even a comment about the great acoustics for inmates.

Bangor has a few things planned for the weekend that will tie up traffic and cause it to be rerouted. So they listed them on the department's world-famous Facebook page, to help motorists be prepared. Nothing makes many people angry faster than getting stuck in holiday traffic when they're late for a barbecue!

Sunday evening is the Ed Sheeran concert at the Darling's Waterfront Pavilion. I have to admit, I had to take to YouTube to find some of his music (I really liked what I heard), but there are a LOT of people who LOVE this guy! As a matter of fact, the show is sold out. (the only sold out show, so far this summer, I believe)

Bangor Police remind motorists that traffic will be backing up around the Downtown and Waterfront Bangor areas as people head to the concert, find parking places, and then leave the concert when it's done. In addition, pedestrians will be everywhere, both headed to the concert venue, or finding places to listen outside. If you can avoid the area, it's an excellent idea that will get you to where you're going much faster and with less hassle. If you HAVE to drive through there, pack your patience and leave early!

On Monday, the annual Memorial Day Parade will kick off at 10:15 from Exchange Street. It will proceed onto Harlow, down Central Street and onto Main Street, all the way to Davenport Park, right behind the Police Station, where a brief ceremony will take place. The parade will take about 90 minutes, so you have to figure the entire downtown area will be blocked off and/or full of slow-moving traffic for a couple of hours. Again, the best idea is just to navigate around it, and avoid the area if you're headed through the Queen City.

And, speaking of the Police Station....check out what Sergeant Tim Cotton has to say about the acoustics at the jail. Probably best to avoid drinking and driving, or causing any problems this weekend. There are better ways to enjoy the concert and parade!

Memorial Day is upon us. The first thing we need to speak of is that Memorial Day is for the fallen. If we do not take...

Posted by Bangor Maine Police Department on Saturday, May 23, 2015