A two-vehicle crash is believed to have been caused by a U-turn. The semi that police say made the illegal move never touched the vehicles involved in the accident and never stopped. The driver is now facing charges.

Augusta Police Sergeant Christian Behr said in a press release that the accident happened on Route 3, the Cushnoc Crossing Bridge, just before 7 this morning. A semi-truck with no trailer had been going South on Riverside Drive and then turned right onto the third bridge going West. Behr says the driver then made an illegal U-turn at the end of the median strip from the far right lane, and headed back toward Riverside Drive.

Police say it appears as if this action started a chain reaction, in which a red sedan swerved, causing a black pickup truck to hit it. The semi-truck left the area without making contact with the other people involved.

As a result of this investigation, the semi driver is facing charges. David Walter, age 71 of Readfield, was issued a summons for leaving the scene of a property damage accident.