Bangor Police received a report, from a mother and her son, of a man who tried to scam them out of money by posing as a collection agent for the electric company. The son drew a picture of the suspect that the police shared on the department's Facebook page.

The suspect knocked on the family's door when the teen was home alone. He asked the young man if his Mom or Dad were home. After some discussion, the man told the teen that he had to get a certain amount of money or their electricity would be turned off that day, and then left.

Being a conscientious young man, the teen went to his sketch pad and drew what he thought was a pretty remarkable likeness of the suspect. You can see the picture in the BPD Facebook post below.

Residents are warned that this scam is active in the area. If someone comes to your door with such a claim, do NOT give them money! Tell them you'll check with the utility company (or whoever they claim to be representing) on your own and take care of it. Then close the door and call the Bangor Police immediately. Maybe, with some help from citizens as civic-minded as this young man, they can catch the crook!

I like kids. Funny kids are all the better and funny kids that can draw a suspect; well that is top notch. If you are...

Posted by Bangor Maine Police Department on Thursday, June 11, 2015