Rockland Police are asking for the public's help locating the person(s) responsible for three break-ins that they believe are related.

The latest victim of this burglary spree is the J.C. Penney store in Rockland. Police say the suspect or suspects entered by prying open a side door Wednesday night. Flagship Cinemas in Thomaston were hit on Sunday night. The first of the burglaries was on August 23rd in Warren at Townline Market. Police say the mode of entry is similar in each case, and thousands of dollars have been stolen from safes in the businesses.

Rockland Police are encouraging local business owners to make nightly bank deposits to limit the amount of cash being left in the building overnight. And they added that an officer could escort the employee to the night depository, if they request it.

Anyone who thinks they may have information about these robberies is asked to call the Knox County Communications at at (207) 593-9132. If you see something suspicious around a business at night, police advise calling 911 immediately