The search for accused murderer Robert Burton is in its 7th day, and police continue to comb the woods and roadways for any sign of him. Now, officials are asking that people use caution if they head to camp, and report anything suspicious.

Police have been looking for Burton since his former girlfriend was murdered. Her body was found by her children in her Parkman home on Friday, June 5th. Burton has an extensive criminal history, including convictions for assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.

Game Wardens, Sheriff's Deputies, State Police, and Forest Rangers have been working out of a base of operations in Parkman all week, but no sign of the man has turned up since a stolen pickup was found mired in mud in Monson. Now, K-9 units from out-of-state and a Forest Service helicopter have arrived to help.

Mainers are advised to continue being cautious, with police advising locking doors to houses and vehicles. In addition, as people head off to camp for the weekend, Police ask that residents look for evidence of suspicious activity. Any sign that someone has been staying at or has visited your camp should be reported to police immediately. Police told ABC 7 that, unfortunately, there just isn't enough manpower for them to go around and check everyone's camp personally.

Burton is considered armed and dangerous. Police say, if you see him, do not approach him but call 911 immediately.