The Bangor Senior League all-stars play Hawaii today at 5pm with a semifinal spot on the line.Hawaii comes into the game with a 3-0 record, Bangor is 2-1 and Georgia is 3-1 after getting a walk-off win today vs. the Philippines.

For Bangor to advance they must beat Hawaii and score at least 4 runs in the process. This would create a three-way tie which is broken using run differential, how many runs you allow divided by the number of innings played in the tournament. Georgia would win that tie-breaker to claim the first semifinal spot.

The tiebreaker between Hawaii and Bangor would be head-to-head which would go to Bangor.

If Bangor losses or wins but scores less than 4 runs they are out.

you can hear the game at 5pn live on sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket, or on our free mobile app.