New details have come to light about the night Stephanie Ginn Gebo was killed. Her suspected assailant and former boyfriend Robert Burton remains at large, and is considered armed and dangerous. However, according to the Piscataquis County Sheriff, he was not armed the night Gebo died.

Sheriff John Goggin told ABC 7 that Robert Burton climbed through the window of his former girlfriend's home on the night she was killed. He was not armed at that time. It's believed that he may have been there to kidnap Gebo, as he had done with another former girlfriend.

Goggin said Gebo had a handgun and she shot at Burton, wounding him slightly. The pair fought over the gun and, Goggin said, Burton just "lost it," He got the gun away from her and shot her, before leaving her body for her children to find.

Burton has been on the run from police since Gebo's body was found on June 5th. He's been spotted twice in the woods around the Guilford area, each time wearing camouflage clothing and carrying a black backpack. Both times, the man who grew up around the woods in that area has been able to run away and disappear back into the forest.

According to Goggin, Burton has been breaking into camps where he's stealing food and probably spending nights. He said police are hoping that, at some point, Burton will slip up and make a mistake, and they'll catch him. He said he believes that if Burton is confronted by police, he'll start shooting, rather than face a lifetime in prison.

Robert Burton is considered armed and dangerous. If anyone sees anything suspicious they're urged to call 911 and report it immediately. If they think they see Burton, they should not approach him. Residents of the Parkman/Guilford area are reminded to lock their homes, outbuildings,and vehicles.