Most agree that after this miserable 2015 season ends the Red Sox roster will see some changes. Now we know the front office will see some as well.Larry Lucchino who has served as club President and CEO since 2002 when he joined with John Henry and Tome Werner to buy the team will step down from his position at the end of the season. Lucchino will be replaced by COO Sam Kennedy who has worked for Lucchino since graduating from college. Kennedy will become team President with the position of CEO left vacant for now.

Lucchino has had a hand in every aspect of the Red Sox day-to-day operations and is credited for playing a significant role in helping the team win three World Series Championships as well as the major upgrades to Fenway Park.

Age is one of the reasons for Lucchino stepping down as he will turn 70 prior to the start of next season. He was also involved in a motorcycle accident before spring training this season resulting in multiple injuries and limited his daily workload.

Lucchino is also part of a group that purchased the Pawtucket Red Sox this spring and is working to build a stadium in Providence where they will move the team.