A combination of snow, sleet, and freezing rain is falling across the state today and, as happens every year, some drivers are not handling it well. So the State Police have taken to social media to ask Mainers to use their common sense.

Growing up in Maine, I've seen it year after year. Some people just seem to forget, from one year to the next, what's involved in winter driving. When faced with potentially icy roads, you need to slow down. Don't tailgate. Leave plenty of space for stopping between your car and the one in front of you. And put down the cell phone, cup of coffee, or whatever other distraction is keeping your concentration off the conditions.

State Police took to social media today to ask motorists to SLOW DOWN. We can do this, folks. We've all driven through worse weather than this. And, hey, if you don't have to go out today....'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'The DaVinci Code' are on Netflix! (and, oh yeah, there are some teams throwing footballs around, too!)

Be safe!

Today's road and weather report as of 1300 hours ( that's 1:00 p.m. for you non military types) I'd like to tell you...

Posted by Maine State Police - Headquarters on Sunday, December 27, 2015