The search for accused murderer Robert Burton is  nearing the one month mark, and Police are finding creative ways to spread the word. Today, State Police handed out flyers to motorists, with pictures of the man wanted for the murder of his former girlfriend.

Burton has been on the run since Stephanie Gebo's body was found in the home the two had once shared. The couple had broken up a week before she was murdered. Her body was discovered by her young children.

State Police, the Warden Service, and the Piscataquis County Sheriff's office continue to search in the Parkman/Guilford area where it's believed Burton is hiding in the woods. It's not the first time the man with a long criminal history of domestic violence has eluded police by staying in the forest. In a statement earlier this month, his family asked the man they call Robbie to turn himself into police.

The only sighting of Burton, so far, was on the evening of June 17th. A man reported to police that he saw the suspected murderer step out onto a snowmobile trail. He was wearing camouflage clothing and had a backpack. When Burton realized he'd been spotted, he disappeared back into the trees.

On Friday, State Police parked one of their crime vans in the center of Guilford and handed out flyers to passing motorists. Burton is still described as armed and dangerous. Residents are urged to continue to keep houses, outbuildings, and vehicles locked. In addition, police advise leaving outdoor lights on at night and report any suspicious activity.

If folks find any evidence that someone has entered their home or camp, they're warned not to go in. Call police immediately and let them check it out. State Police can be contacted at 973-3700 or just call 911.