State Police are investigating a fatal crash on I-295 in Southern Maine that they say may have happened as much as a week ago. A 27-year-old man was killed in the accident.

Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland says the crash was discovered late Saturday morning by a passerby in Gardiner who saw a reflection off the car in the woods. The Honda Civic went off the road into the median, became airborne, and struck a tree some 25 feet off the ground. It then came to rest down a steep embankment, where it went unnoticed for days.

Found dead inside the car was 27-year-old Ian Carter of Gardiner. He was last seen leaving work in southern Maine on Monday, December 28th, and no one had reported him missing. Since the crash took place off the northbound lane near the Route 201 exit, Troopers theorize it may have happened a week ago, as Carter was headed home from work.