It happened, last night, Saturday August 9th, at Canandaigua Motorsports Park, a dirt track in New York. Tony Stewart who was in New York for the Watkins Glen race today, Sunday August 10th, was racing last night when his car came into contact with Kevin Ward Jr.

Ward, who went into the wall, came out of his car and began gesturing angrily at Stewart, coming down from the wall, and into the track area, as the caution flag was flying. As Stewart came around the short track, his car hit Ward, sending him flying, a reportedly 50 feet. Ward, 20, was dead on arrival at the local hospital.

Police are investigating the incident, and ESPN has reported that Stewart has been cooperating with officials. They also reported that as of just before 8 AM, Stewart plans on racing at Watkins Glen this afternoon.

Caution Strong Language and Disturbing Footage