Home to the Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto is among the greatest hockey cities in the world. Unfortunately for Torontonians, their beloved Maple Leafs have, well, sucked for a long time. This year, however, Toronto is back in the NHL playoffs for the first time since 2004. To help root the Leafs on to victory, an online petition has been circulating to turn the iconic CN Tower in Toronto into the world's biggest goal light for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

"...imagine how incredible it would be to see The CN Tower Light up RED every time Toronto scored a goal! IT WOULD BE AMAZING!

I'm not sure who it's going to take to get this done. Whether its the City, Budweiser, The CN Tower, or MLSE; just get it done!

Please sign and share this petition so that we can get every fan of the Leafs to sign this!..."

Changing the colors of lights on buildings in honor of a city's sports teams is done all the time, but somehow triggering the lights at the top of the CN Tower to glow red for a Maple Leafs goal? That's ambitious, especially considering the NHL playoffs start next week. If Toronto city officials consent to this alteration, they should consider themselves lucky the Toronto Raptors didn't make the NBA playoffs. Getting a giant glass backboard and shot clock up that high would have been a real hassle.