Two men convicted of killing three people and then leaving their bodies in a burning car have been sentenced. Both Randall Daluz and Nicholas Sexton are going to prison.

It was nearly two years ago that Bangor Dispatch got the 911 call that a car was burning in a parking lot at Target Industrial Circle. Fire officials determined that their were three bodies in the vehicle. The State Medical Examiner later determined that all three had been shot before the car was set ablaze.

Killed were 24-year-old Nicolle Lugdon of Eddington, 26-year-old Daniel Borders of Hermon, and 28-year-old Lucas Tuscano of Bradford. An investigation lead police to 37-year-old Randall Daluz of Massachusetts and 34-year-old Nicholas Sexton of Rhode Island. Police said the murders were drug-related.

The two suspects were tried at the same time, but the men tell different stories about what happened that night in Bangor. Sexton testified that Daluz killed Borders accidentally, and then killed the other two intentionally. He said Daluz forced him to set the car on fire by threatening his family. Daluz did not take the stand in his own defense, but has claimed that Sexton committed the murders. He has said he plans to appeal.

Nicholas Sexton was sentenced today to 90 years in prison. The judge sentenced him to 70 years for the murder of Nicolle Lugdon followed by 20 years on the arson charge for the car fire.

Randall Daluz is sentenced to life in prison for the murder charge, and 20 years in prison on the arson charge, to be served concurrently.