For nearly two weeks the Ted Wells deflategate report has been scrutinized by fans and the media. However it is the comments from Tom Brady's agent that led to Wells speaking publicly to defend his report.Tuesday Wells took the unusual step of holding a teleconference with the media to defend his report and shoot down the allegations from Don Yee that the entire investigation was a sting operation conducted by the league. Yee has questioned Wells independence by intimating that he left out important information from hid interview with Brady in order to make the report and those investigated look guilty.

The teleconference lasted nearly 30 minutes and ended with Wells maintaining the notion that he was impartial to either side and worked independent form the NFL by stating "It's really a ridiculous allegation. What drove the decision in this report was one thing -- it was the evidence. I could not ethically ignore the import and relevancy of those text messages and the other evidence."

Brady has until Thursday to file an appeal of the NFL's suspension and has reportedly hired high powered sports attorney Jeffrey Kessler to handle the appeal.