The Doc Rivers/KG trade to the LA Clippers is dead. Not going to happen says Danny Ainge. So what's the next step in this soap opera?

Ainge and the Clippers could not agree on a fair trade that would have allowed Rivers to coach in LA and allow Kevin Garnett to waive his no-trade clause and get traded to the west coast and play for Doc.

So does Doc come back to coach in Boston? Does he leave to do some broadcasting? The fact is he can't coach for the next three years in the NBA without compensation that is to the liking of Ainge...and by the way, Ainge says he still wants Doc back.

Where does this leave KG? He can control where he goes. Would he just retire if Doc isn't around?

And what about Paul Pierce? The C's have until the end of June to decide to keep him, trade him or buy him out for $5-milliion-bucks.