This week in our battle for Tool of the Week he had an organization that almost cost Dustin Johnson a major and a football player that may have cost himself a starting job.

The United States Golf Association said that they may have to levy a penalty stroke on Johnson after his ball moved on the green of the fifth hole.  It was initially ruled at the time to not be an issue until Johnson had reached the 12th tee.  DJ then had to wait to finish the round before seeing if he would be docked a stroke, which he ultimately was.  Luckily for the USGA he played well down the stretch and he didn’t have to blame them for losing a chance at a major win.

Darren McFadden, running back for the Dallas Cowboys, may soon be out of a starting job after he was sidelined for a few months with a cracked elbow.  McFadden didn’t suffer the injury during a practice in Texas, but rather did it trying to save his iPhone from falling to the ground over the weekend.  The Cowboy was already fighting for playing time with fourth overall pick Ezekiel Elliot and could probably afford a new phone since he makes $1.25 million in base salary with Dallas.

So we ask you: is the USGA keeping Dustin Johnson in the lurch all round during the US Open or Darren McFadden hurting himself to save a cell phone the more deserving choice for Tool of the Week!