Time to get ready to vote because it’s time for Tool of the Week!  This round we have a match-up of a golfer with too much strength, taking on a baseball star that has too much paint in his hair.  So read up and let us know who you think is this week’s Tool of the Week!

Golfer Patrick Reed had a great weekend as he topped the Barclay’s Championship leaderboard with a -9 and took home a cool $1.5 million for his efforts.  Reed may have to fork over some of that cash however after manhandling and breaking the gravel when he opened the New York Stock Exchange recently.  Hopefully he doesn’t do that to his golf clubs in the near future?

Former Yankees and current Ranger slugger Carlos Beltran raised a few eyebrows over the weekend and it wasn’t because of his play on the field.  Instead, Beltran drew some camera attention for a new hair line that seemed to develop overnight.  The outfielder had been rocking a close shave on the top of his head as of late before donning the peculiar style.  Not sure that was the most inconspicuous dye job out there.

So let us know if Reed’s gravel smash or Beltran’s poor dye job is the more deserving of the Tool of the Week win this time around.  Vote early and often and let us know who you think is the Tool of the Week!