This week in our battle for the Tool of the Week we have a guy who sneaked into a military-only baseball game just to grab a foul ball or two and some NBA executives who were throwing huge money  at role players once free agency opened up last weekend.

Zack Hample, known as the ‘Foul Ball Guy’, had quite the week after first complaining about being boxed out of a souvenir by another fan at the rain delayed Yankees game last week, and then making waves for sneaking into the US military-only MLB game on Sunday night between Atlanta and Miami.  Hample went to the social dating app of Tinder and offered to pay $1,000 to anyone that could get him into the game.  He was the subject of twitter hate after posting pictures of his foul ball on the site.

NBA executives had money burning holes in their pockets evidently as record contracts were given out. Timofey Mozgov signed a four-year $64 million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Lakers and Mike Conley signed the richest deal in NBA history with a five-year $153 million dollar deal.  NBA teams have already spent over a billion dollars this off-season with some fairly big names available.

So we ask you to pick the bigger tool this week.  Is ‘Foul Ball Guy’ Zack Hample who sneaked into a military only baseball game or the NBA executives that are overpaying players this off-season that are bigger Tool of the Week!