This week’s Tool of the Week focuses on two guys who lost their cool over the past couple of days, with one being a player launching a misplaced kick and another being a manager that can’t stay on the field. It’s Draymond Green versus John Gibbons in our battle for the biggest Tool of the Week!

Draymond Green reacted with a swift kick to the groin of OKC Thunder player Steve Adams which resulted in a flagrant foul call, but not a suspension.  Green broke one of the first rules of the “Man Code” on way to his nomination this week.

John Gibbons must be tired of watching the Blue Jays in 2016, because he hardly got to see them last week.  He was ejected on May 15th and 16th and again this past Sunday.  Don’t forget Gibbons was also suspended for three games for his part in the Odor-Bautista brawl.  Sounds like someone could use a little bit of a breather!

So it’s time for you to make the call….is the hot-headed John Gibbons our Tool of the Week, or is it Draymond Green and his “knee jerk” reaction in the Western Conference playoffs.  Click and vote for your Tool of the Week!