If you could walk a mile in Fauja Singh’s shoes, it wouldn’t be nearly as impressive as what he’s done in them.

The 101-year-old man who owns the record for oldest marathoner has announced his retirement from running. Singh’s final race will be the Hong Kong Marathon on February 24.

Singh, a British man born in India, took up marathons 13 years ago while a wide-eyed young man of 89 and went on to be dubbed the “Turban Tornado.” He etched his place in the annals of history when he was named the oldest marathon runner after finishing the Toronto Marathon in 2011 when he was 100.

There's no secret to Singh's longevity. What's it boil down to?

The reason for my good health is that I exercise daily and follow a proper diet regime."

Singh is also out to prove that being retired doesn’t mean you just play shuffleboard until you’re ready to eat your 4:30 dinner. While the only running you do will take place this weekend at your Super Bowl bash when you chase down the pizza delivery guy to make sure he gives you the extra-large, double-dipped garlic parmesan breadsticks smothered in butter he forgot to give you, keep this in mind: Singh is giving up competitive running, but still plans on running eight or nine miles of running each day.

A true model to others, Singh said, "Running is my life. I will keep running to inspire the masses."

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