Leon Halip, Getty Images

Admit it...you always wanted to be Red Sox manager - at least for a day. Here is your chance. Pick next Monday's opening day lineup...

A couple of things to keep in mind - the Sox opening the season at Yankee Stadium and it looks like lefty CC Sabathia will start for the Yanks. Here's my prediction on John Farrell's lineup card.

1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury

2. RF Shane Victorino

3. 2B Dustin Pedroia

4. 1B Mike Napoli

5. DH Jarrod Salty

6. 3B Will Middlebrooks

7. LF Jonny Gomes

8. C  David Ross

9. SS Jose Iglesias

Jon Lester will be the opening day starting pitcher.

What do you think the opening day lineup will be? Make your prediction below. Good Luck!