The 10-team field is all set for the 2015 Senior League World Series that starts this weekend in Bangor. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Saskatchewan are latest regional winners.

The Virginia team won the U-S Southeast Regional, beating South Carolina 2-1.

The Pennsylvania team won the U-S East Regional, beating New Jersey 7-5.

Ohio won U-S Central, a 13-2 over Wisconsin.

Saskatchewan is Canada winner, beating British Columbia 5-2.

The SLWS begins Saturday night at Mansfield Stadium with opening ceremonies. The games begin Sunday at 11am.

Here is the 10-team field of from around the globe, featuring the 14 to 16 year old age group...

USA East:  Pennsylvania

Latin America:  Curacao

USA Southeast:  Virginia

USA Southwest:  Texas

USA West:  Arizona

Asia-Pacific:  CNMI

Canada:  Saskatchewan

USA Central:  Ohio

Europe-Africa:  Italy

Host:  Old Town

NOTE:  Sports Rado 92.9 The Ticket and present live coverage of the SLWS. First broadcast is Sunday August 2nd at 11am.