It's actually here. Opening week for the 2022 Major League Baseball season has arrived. Sure, it's a week late. But after the 99 day lockout I think we can all agree we're just glad to make it to this point.

Projecting stats is a tradition unlike any other for true baseball fans (or is that something else happening this week?).

This week, we'll use the Drive Poll to gauge how Red Sox Nation is feeling heading into the 2022 season.

Today, let's begin by focusing on the big three offensive categories - AVG/HR/RBI.

Last year, Xander Bogaerts led the team in average at a .295 clip, while nobody came close to Rafael Devers in the power categories (38 homers, 113 RBI). For what it's worth (not all that much), I've got those same two guys leading in these same three categories again in '22. But what do you think?

Will Boston have its own version of a triple crown, or will it be attack by committee this year for the Sox' lineup?

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