View videos from a recent ghost hunt here, photos of the old Hancock County jail cells, and a look in the sheriff's house including his secret spy holes!

This is one of those places I have gone by a million times and have always wanted to see the inside of, I had no idea what this brick building had to offer! Creepy jail cells, old wooden wheelchairs and the tales of ghostly activity were enough to peak my interest.

Built in 1886 this building was once the Hancock County Jail and attached Sheriff's house. That's right, the sheriff used to live just a locked door away from criminals in the jail with his family, often including children!

The building was taken over by the Ellsworth Historical Society in 1980 and efforts were made to restore the old building, now a museum. Saturday night I was given the chance to go on a paranormal investigation here with access to second floor cells that have not been occupied for decades.

Below are some videos from the live hunt for spirits, see what the East Coast Ghost Trackers saw and even a video of me getting locked in one of the cells, and left alone for 15 minutes in the dark. See their full investigation here.