Smoke from the California wildfires has made its way to the Emerald City and is wreaking havoc on the local sports scene.

While the Mariners were able to fit in a double header vs. Oakland earlier in the week, poor air quality forced the postponement of one game in that series, and prompted two other M's series (vs. San Francisco and vs. San Diego) to be rescheduled to the NL team's home parks.

Local officials, the NFL and the Seahawks have been in communication this week about the possibility of having to move Seattle and New England's Sunday night contest to a different site, though changing wind patterns may relieve some of the smoke to the point where the air quality is deemed safe to play.

Speaking Wednesday on the subject, Seahawks' coach Pete Carroll said he did not have an official update on the status of the game, though the league would likely need to make a decision before the Patriots fly west this weekend.

Jeff Erickson, the co-founder of, made his weekly appearance Thursday on The Drive to give fantasy football advice ahead of this week's games. Erickson, a southern California resident, also provided an update on the rough environment he is experiencing, and how he expects it to affect the Patriots' game on Sunday night.


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