It's a little nerve wracking writing anything about the New England Patriots at this point based on the feverish last 24 hours. That being said, Hunter Henry, as of now, is the last signing the team made and that was this morning, so I should have a couple minutes here to get this story posted.

Chris Price of the Boston Globe joined The Drive on Tuesday to recap a 2-day spending spree that saw Bill Belichick shell out more than a quarter of a billion dollars on eight new players in an aggressive start to free agency.

Despite all that money spent, the contracts are structured in such a way that it appears the team still has somewhere in the mid to high $20-millions left to spend and stay under the cap. This has people close to the organization believing the next domino to fall in the Pats' off-season is the acquisition of either a star QB, or a leap in next month's draft to select one of the top prospects at the position.

Chris Price via Twitter
Chris Price via Twitter

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