Bob plays in the mud and goes to the birds in this week's "Wild Maine."

Part 1: It's mud season on the Golden Road in northern Maine. Al Cowperthwaite, executive director of the North Maine Woods Association, gives listeners the dos and don'ts of traveling on logging roads during mud season.

Part 2: Bob heads to the docks in Stonington, which will host the Wings Waves, Woods Festival, the kickoff to the birding season in Maine. Anne Beerits helps organize the festival and talks about the activities on the island that weekend.

Part 3: The Downeast Spring Birding Festival takes place Memorial Day weekend at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. The elusive woodcock is a big draw for event.

Part 4: You might also see a whip-poor-will at Moosehorn in Washington County, which has a great diversity of birding habitat.

Part 5: Birding is the second most popular outdoor activity behind gardening. Becky Marvil heads up the Acadia Birding Festival, now in its 15th year. She talks about the growing popularity of the festival's field trips.