Tim Caverly was in charge of the Allgash Wilderness Waterway for years, but you probably know him for all the books he's been writing lately. We listen to his stories. Plus, why you should keep your muzzle loader busy all year.

Part 1: Today is the last day of deer season for muzzle-loaders. Glen Dickey is club president of Penobscot Longrifles. He tells about the club and why you don't need to put "Old Betsy" away for the season.

Part 2: Picture yourself going for a quiet paddle on the Allagash. Then picture a moose named Andy exploding out or the water in front of you. Tim Caverly has been writing about the Allagash Wilderness Waterway fro some time now, and knows a whole lot about it.

Part 3: What's the one thing about the Allagash Wilderness Waterway that no one knows? We'll tell you.

Part 4: Some of Tim's stories haven't made it into a book yet. He'll tell us one or two.

Part 5: Doug Hitchcock is the chief naturalist for Maine Audubon. He talks to us about an owl invasion from the snowy north!