How do all those balsam trees become wreaths? There's a lot more to it than you think, and a lot more to the Worcester Wreath Company in Columbia.

Part 1: The company is known for Wreaths Across America, which places wreaths on the gravestones of fallen soldiers at Arlington National Ceremony in Washingon, DC. Hear how that program came to be. Plus, hear about the company's latest effort to honor the nation's veterans.

Part 2: How many wreaths does Worcester make in a season? Hint: It's six figures. Plus, Rob Worcester makes our eyes pop wide open.

Part 3: It's one surprise after another at the Worcester Wreath Company. Morrill Worcester talks about a special program for military families, and what it takes to maintain thier extensive balsam forests.

Part 4: The wildlife in the Worcester's balsam groves is impressive: moose, grouse, beaver, geese, ducks, you name it. And in the middle of everything, a stage that recently hosted country singer Lee Greenwood.

Part 5: Inside the wreath making workshop in Harrington, we learn everything you want to know about wreaths. Here's a tip (no pun intended): don't put them between a door and a storm door!