Brent Musburger may never live down how he gawked at Katherine Webb during the BCS National Championship last month, but he seems at peace with that.

Musburger was in Ames, Iowa on Monday night to broadcast the men’s basketball game between Iowa State and Kansas when an ISU fan approached him with a poster of Webb in a bikini and asked him to autograph it.

What followed next is the stuff creepy uncles are made of.

Musburger signed the poster and even wrote “She’s a 10!” He then posed with the fan, who held the picture up for all to see.


Musburger, of course, launched Webb into stardom when he talked about how beautiful she is while her boyfriend, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, and his teammates were on their way to crushing Notre Dame en route to the national title.

And to think Musburger’s job takes him from campus to campus. Good thing Manti Te’o’s girlfriend wasn’t real. Who knows what Musburger would’ve said about her?

Musburger isn’t shying away from the furor he raised over his lust for Webb. He even posed with a poster of her earlier this season during a West Virginia game.

For her part, Webb has been gracious, saying his words jump-started her career. She posed for Sports Illustrated, covered the Super Bowl for 'Inside Edition' and will soon appear on ‘Splash,’ although that doesn’t appear to be a show you want to put front and center on the résumé.

Of course, once word got out that Musburger signed the poster at Iowa State, everyone wanted to pose with it. Sure, it's not as exciting as getting a picture with a person, but, hey. it'll do, although the dude with his shirt off strikes us as a little overzealous. Perhaps a Musburger in training?