A father's love for his daughter knows no bounds, and what British Army Major Chris Brannigan is doing to raise money for his daughter's treatment is a true demonstration of his love. He's walking a marathon every day, barefoot, to raise money for the creation of a gene therapy that could help patients battling Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) which his 9-year-old daughter has.

Brannigan started at Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor this morning, Tuesday, August 31. This photo was taken at around 2:15 p.m. today, as he passed the Trenton Bridge, just leaving Mount Desert Island.

Photo Chris Popper

He's carrying a bucket for cash and check donations, and a 55-pound backpack that has his supplies.

His goal is to walk 26 miles every day, for 53 days and to end up in Jacksonville, North Carolina on Halloween, October 31.

Photo Chris Popper

You can follow his journey on Facebook HERE. More importantly, you can donate via their GoFundMe page HERE. His goal is to raise 50,000 pounds or $68,782.25

There are lots and lots of causes, and money is tight. But seeing this father barefoot marching in 82-degree heat today caused me to tear up. If you can donate something, please do.

You can track Chris on his journey live HERE.

To find out more about CdLS click HERE.


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