A woman with three previous charges of operating under the influence, is once again accused of drinking and driving. In this incident, she drove her van into a stand of tree with her child in the backseat.

According to Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland, Trooper Ricci Cote charged Kristy Cookson, age 33 of Litchfield, for operating under the influence and operating after suspension. Cookson was driving on Route 132 with her 4-year-old son in the vehicle when the van went off the road and was wedged so tightly into a clump of trees, rescue personnel had to use a chain saw to get them out. The son received minor injuries and was treated and released at St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston. Cookson taken to Central Maine Medical Center with a serious ankle injury, where some sort of mix-up resulted in her being released without the police being notified. She has since been located.

Cote said drugs and alcohol were factors in the crash. This is the fourth time in the past decade that Cookson has been charged with OUI and the latest charge was increased to 'aggravated' because her son was in the vehicle. In addition to her three prior OUI convictions, Cookson has 13 active driver's license suspensions.

In 2009, she was shot by two Lewiston Police officers following a chase through the city in her pickup truck. The officers fired when she tried to run one of them over after the chase ended. She struck a parked vehicle instead. Cookson was still on probation for that incident and because of last week's crash, her probation status could change.