All over the state of Maine high school sports teams begin the chase for the championship. Their conference title, a regional title and then the biggie - the state championship.

The Maine Principals' Association allows teams to begin practicing today after the 'two week hands-off' period that begin on July 30th.

Football: 78 schools will field teams this season, from Class A to E. There is a set format for practices. For instance, only helmets and cleats and no contact for the first two days. Controlled scrimmages take place on the first weekend. The regular season begins August 31st.

Soccer: 135 schools will field soccer teams. After five days of conditioning, teams can conduct interschool scrimmages. August 20th is the first date for countable games. A rule change is year has the home team wearing dark uniforms and the visiting team will wear white.

Other fall sports that begin practices today include field hockey, golf and cross country.

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