Four members of the Bangor high school football team were selected to the Eastern Maine Class A All-Conference teams and Cheverus also grabbed some hardware.Running back Dane Johnson and tackle Josh Clement were named were named first team offense while defensive tackle Langston Hamer-Nagle and linebacker Evan McAulliffe were selected first team defense.

Cheverus running back Joe Fitzpatrick is the conference Player of the Year and Stags tackle Zordan Holman is the Lineman of the Year.

The Rams also placed eight players on the All-Academic team.

OFFENSE:                                                                       DEFENSE:

QB  - Jordan Talbot, Portland H.S.                         DL – Langston Hamer-Nagle, Bangor H.S.

RB – Joe Fitzpatrick, Cheverus H.S.                  DL – Frank Curran, Cheverus H.S.

RB – Dane Johnson, Bangor H.S.                        DL – Jerimiah Israel-Copeland, Portland H.S.

RB – Liam LaFountain, Cheverus H.S.              DL – Tyrell Gullatt, Windham H.S.

RB – Dylan Koza, Windham H.S.                           DL – Stone Colby, Lewiston H.S.

WR –Drew Lashua, Edward Little H.S.              DE – Griffin Jacobson, Windham H.S.

WR – Dom Bernard, Deering H.S.                        DE – Zordan Holman, Cheverus H.S.

WR – Pat Viola, Deering H.S.                                    LB – Evan McAuliffe, Bangor H.S.

TE –  Ryan Ruhlin, Portland H.S.                            LB – Zach Handley, Cheverus H.S.

OL – Josh Sullivan, Portland H.S.                          LB – Davis Turner, Oxford Hills Comp. H.S.

OL – Josh Clement, Bangor H.S.                           LB – Zach Davis, Windham H.S.

OL – Dan O’Brion, Cheverus H.S.               LB – Joe Esposito, Portland H.S.

OL – Dominic Dimillo, Portland H.S.                      DB – Jacob Coon, Deering H.S.

OL – Julian Smedley, Lewiston H.S.                    DB – Eric Webb, Windham H.S.

OL – Jerry Valliere, Windham H.S.                       DB – Kenny Drelich, Cheverus H.S.

Utility – Hunter Martin, Edward Little H.S.    DB – Tanner Laberge, Windham H.S.

Kicker – Josh Dugas, Windham H.S.                 DB -  William Curry, Lewiston H.S.

Punter – Jordan Talbot, Portland H.S.


Coach of the Year:  Matt Perkins, Windham H.S.

Ass’t Coach of the Year:  Phil Rossetti, Windham H.S.

Lineman of the Year:   Zordan Holman, Cheverus H.S.

Player of the Year:  Joe Fitzpatrick, Cheverus H.S.


All-Academic Team


Matt Duff, Bangor H.S.                                                Jacob Schott, Cheverus H.S.

Langston Hamer-Nagle, Bangor H.S.            Jacob Coon, Deering H.S.

Joe Johnson, Bangor H.S.                                    Matt Krusiec, Deering H.S.

Jake Morrill, Bangor H.S.                                        Ryan Rarn, Deering H.S.

Brian Pierce, Bangor H.S.                                       Julian Smedley, Lewiston H.S.

Cullen Short, Bangor H.S.                                       Sabin Lavorgna, Lewiston H.S.

Owen Trundy, Bangor H.S.                                   James Flynn, Lewiston H.S.

Andrew Ye, Bangor H.S.                                          Patrick Macro, Oxford Hills Comp. H.S.

Matt Gedaro, Cheverus H.S.                                Malik Geiger, Oxford Hills Comp. H.S.

Fritz Gemmer, Cheverus H.S.                             Ian Lejonhud, Oxford Hills Comp. H.S.

Zach Handley, Cheverus H.S.                           Ryan Ruhlin, Portland H.S.

Drew Harris, Cheverus H.S.                               Derek Howard, Windham H.S.

Liam LaFountain, Cheverus H.S.                      Daniel Kilgallon, Windham H.S.

Tom Lawson, Cheverus H.S.

Patrick Mourmouras, Cheverus H.S.

Nick Noyes, Cheverus H.S.