The Class C East Football Coaches got together on Sunday, November 10th, and selected the All Conference Teams for 2013.

The following were selected

Player of the Year

Teagan Candage (MDI)

1st Team

Quarter Back - Hunter Law (Foxcroft Academy)

Running Backs - Dylan Hapworth (Winslow), Teagan Candage (MDI)

Offensive Line - Zach Bartlett (Old Town), Ben Cox (Waterville), Troy Ellis (Winslow), Corbyn Bruce (Foxcroft Academy), Jacob Nichols (Nokomis)

Ends / Wide Receiver - Hunter Smith (Foxcroft Academy), Derek LeBlanc (Madison)

Tight End - Jake Winslow (Nokomis)

Offense Utility -  Peter Boyer (Foxcroft Academy)

Kicker - Dylan Hapworth (Winslow)

Defensive Line - Zach Barlett (Old Town), Duncan Works (Waterville), Aaron Lint (Winslow), Rusty Wilson (Nokomis)

Linebackers - Luke Knight (Waterville), Corey Bjornsen (Foxcroft Academy), Chris Hayden (Madison), Marlin Hansen (Belfast)

Defensive Backs - Justin Martin (Winslow), Hunter Law (Foxcroft Academy),Josh King (Nokomis)

Defense Utility - Zach Collier - Belfast

Punter -  Ryan Kelly (Hermon)

Second Team

Quarter Back - Jon Phelps (MDI)

Running Backs - Danny Pooler (Waterville), Greg Clark (Belfast)

Offensive Line - Alec Clark (Winslow), Craig Chambers (Foxcroft Academy), Josh Chase (Belfast), Marlin Hansen (Belfast), Kaylo Littlejohn (Camden Hills)

Ends / Wide Receiver - Jordhan Levine (Waterville), Ray Girrior (Nokomis)

Tight End -  Connor Graffam (Camden Hills)

Offense Utility - David Shepardson (Hermon)

Kicker -  Ashley  Littlefield (Belfast)

Defensive Line - Ben Cox (Waterville), Tanner Guilliland (Winslow), Corbyn Bruce (Foxcroft Academy), Levi Murray (Madison)

Linebackers - Kaylo Littlejohn (Camden Hills), Alec Clark (Winslow), Peter Boyer (Foxcroft Academy), Dylan "Boomer" Carroll (MDI)

Defensive Backs - Tyler Wengrzynck (Old Town), Brian Jones (Camden Hills), Tyler Tran (Belfast)

Defense Utility - Jordan Curtis (Madison)

Punter - Connor Graffam (Camden Hills)