A cross county skier who was on the side of the road in Blue Hill has been hospitalized after she was struck by a car. The driver swerved to avoid the woman's partner and lost control on the slippery road.

According to the Ellsworth American, 44-year-old Ciona Ulbrich of Blue Hill was standing on the shoulder of Morgan Bay Road in that town on Sunday when she was struck. Hancock County Sheriff's deputies told the EA that Ulbrich had paused to wait for her partner to exit their driveway.

78-year-old Gary Mosely of Surry came upon the pair in his Chevy Tracker and swerved to avoid hitting Ulbrich's partner. He lost control on the slippery roads and the vehicle slid across the northbound lane and hit Ulbrich. She was taken to Blue Hill Memorial Hospital and treated for possible hip, leg, and arm injuries.