Are you offended by the Washington Redskins name?

The Washington Redskins football team has been under a lot of heat recently to change the name of the team.  Dan Snyder, the owner of the team, has vowed that he will never change the name despite all the growing pressure.

Yesterday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled that the Redskins name is offensive because it is "disparaging of Native Americans."  The Office then ended the team's trademark protection.

The Washington Redskins organization can continue to use the name but now with the threat that someone else may come along and use the same name.

It seems kind of ludicrous that a term that was derogatory in nature in the first place is still in existence today in such a mass setting as it is. In a day and age where each and every one of us are just plain human beings, it seems absurd to focus on the color of one's skin in such a huge forum, regardless of team pride.

How do you feel?