Hour 1 -

(21:17) - Jim and Mark got the show underway talking about the class of zero for the 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame and were joined by a special guest who was in-studio to collect him payment.

(5:39) - Drive Poll: Would you trade J.C. Jackson, two 1st round picks, a 2nd rounder and a third rounder for Deshaun Watson?

(11:19) - One brave caller from Bangor went to work in today's edition of 'Drive On!' featuring Super Bowl trivia.

(11:25) - University of Maine hockey coach Red Gendron joined the show to talk about the team's season-long road trip and how the school's current pause in athletics may benefit his squad.

Hour 2 -

(10:24) - University of Maine football coach Nick Charlton joined on the phone live from practice as the Black Bears gear up for their spring season opener on Mar. 6.

(13:16) - Dan Shaughnessy joined the show to discuss why Curt Schilling wasn't elected to the Hall of Fame, what Schilling's issue with him is, and what he believes Bill Belichick thinks of Brady's success in Tampa.

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