If the season ended today on June 14th, the Boston Red Sox, currently 39-27, would be the American League's top Wild Card team. Unfortunately for the Sox, there are still 96 games to be played before the final standings are decided and things aren't trending in Boston's favor over the last fortnight.

The wheels have completely fallen off what was a surprisingly reliable ride from the team's starting rotation through the first two months of the season.

Since Memorial Day, these are the not-so-great numbers from Boston's starting-5:

  • E-Rod: 3 starts, 0-1, 9.20 ERA (15er in 14.2ip) 16k, 6bb, Sox are 2-1 in his starts
  • Eovaldi: 2 starts, 1-1, 4.63 ERA (6er in 11.2ip) 12k, 3bb, Sox are 1-1 in his starts
  • Richards: 3 starts, 0-1, 4.96 ERA (9er in 16.1ip) 14k, 8bb, Sox are 2-1 in his starts
  • Pivetta: 3 starts, 0-2, 5.74 ERA (10er in 15.2ip) 21k, 7bb, Sox are 1-2 in his starts
  • Perez: 3 starts, 1-2, 9.00 ERA (11er in 11ip) 6k, 5bb, Sox are 1-2 in his starts

- Perez has allowed 11 runs in 3.1ip (2ip, 1.1ip) in his last two starts. Season ERA has gone from 3.08 to 4.52.

- Total: Rotation is 2-7 with a 6.62 ERA (51er in 69.1ip) since Memorial Day. Sox have somehow managed to go 7-7 during that stretch.

In short, it ain't great. Do you have confidence in this group to get the job done?

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