The New England Patriots are in dire need of a QB. That point cannot be argued, especially after Cam Newton's 34-yard passing effort in the Pats' 38-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football, which turned out to be the largest loss of the Bill Belichick-era.

As it stands heading into Week 17, the Pats own the #14 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft after falling to 6-9. If the football gods favor them this weekend, the Pats could climb as high as the #10 overall pick.

Belichick is never one to trade up in the draft, but let's imagine just for a second that he did. Let's say Bill wanted to jump start the rebuild and get all the way to the top of the board to nab Trevor Lawrence, the highest-rated QB prospect since Andrew Luck.

What would it take to get to the top, and what would you be willing to part with to make it possible?

Note: according to ESPN's NFL Draft Pick Value Chart, the #1 overall pick has a value of 3000. For context, the Patriots' #14 overall pick has a value of 1100, while their 2nd round pick (45th overall) has a value of 450.

In order to truly entice the Jacksonville Jaguars to deal the #1 pick, one would have to make an offer of equal or greater value to that 3000 figure. Such an offer would consist of the Pats' 1st round picks from 2021-23, with an additional 2nd or 3rd rounder likely included along the way.

While we're playing GM, let's flip the script and place yourself in the shoes of Jaguars' interim GM Trent Baalke (who probably won't be the guy making these decisions).

Would you accept this hypothetical offer from the Miami Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa and the #3 overall pick (via Houston) for the #1 overall pick?

Note: Tua, who was selected at 5th overall in 2020, coupled with the #3 pick equal a grade of 3900 based on draft slot value. Well in excess of the 3000 value for the #1 pick.

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