Today marks the 19-year anniversary of "The Tuck Rule" game, which arguably can be pointed to as the beginning of what would become the greatest run of dominance in American team sports history.

Following the infamous ruling, the Patriots completed their 10-point 4th quarter rally to force overtime, where Adam Vinatieri won the game with a snow-piercing kick that any Patriots fan has seen no short of 100 times in their life.

Did it ever get better than that for a franchise that gifted us countless dramatic moments over the years?

With Tom Brady taking to Twitter last night to defend and boost Richard Seymour's Hall of Fame case, it got me thinking. Which Patriots from this stretch will end up in Canton?

Aside from the obvious locks - Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski and Vinatieri - and not counting the players who will enter the Hall with another team - Randy Moss and Darrelle Revis (maybe Vinatieri here as he played more seasons with the Colts) - who deserves a bust for their contributions to the run?

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