Looking at the pictures, it's hard to believe the driver of a car that struck a moose over the weekend wasn't more seriously hurt or even killed. But, amazingly, the moose just barely missed the driver.

Maine State Trooper Dennis Quint was called to the crash Sunday night in T11 R4. Mark Farino, age 34 of Presque Isle was driving eastbound on Route 163 in his 2006 Toyota Sienna van when a moose walked out in front of him. He didn't have time to stop and so struck the animal, killing it.

The impact caused the moose to crash through the windshield and into the passenger compartment of the van, narrowly missing Forino. He was, miraculously, not injured in the accident other than to have some broken glass flushed from his eyes at the scene by an Ashland Ambulance crew.