The fire at John Bapst High School is under control, according to firefighters. Motorists are still advised to avoid the area while crews continue to work at the scene on Broadway. A Facebook post from the President of Nickerson and O'Day states that the fire was started by workers clearing ice on the roof.

A Bangor fire dispatcher described it as "quite a fire" and smoke could be seen from Brewer.

Captain Tom Higgins told our contact at the site that a third alarm was called out just before noon. The fire was said to be in the walls, and so challenging to fight. One firefighter was seen being taken away on a stretcher.

We don't know the identity of the firefighter or the extent of his injuries at this time. but we've been told that he got caught when a portion of the roof collapsed.

According to the BDN, firefighters say the blaze is finally under control. A handful of people were in the building when fire broke out but they all evacuated safely. Broadway is closed in the immediate area of John Bapst High School until further notice. Motorists are advised to avoid the area, for the time being.

Students are out on February vacation this week, and so were not at the school when fire broke out. The President of Nickerson and O'Day construction took to Facebook to explain how the fire started. Karl Ward said that maintainence workers clearing ice on the roof inadvertently started the fire. Considerable damage was done, but Ward says he has crews on-scene, ready to work around the clock and get it rebuilt before students are due to return.